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          Holding h和s in praise



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          At 188bet体育基督教高中, our students are setting themselves apart—and as a school, so are we. Our teachers create dynamic classes that invite inquiry, nurture creative thinking, and meet the needs of students with different learning styles. 学生们 are held to rigorous academic standards and are positioned for acceptance at colleges and universities and for success in the workplace.  该y are frequently assessed and teachers utilize assessment data to individualize learning 和 ensure students achieve at their potential.

          188bet体育基督教高中是西密歇根州的一个 表现最出色的高中。一个名为 “示例性的中学” 由美国教育部门,它是公认的:

          • 其非凡 信仰的文化
          • 该 广度和卓越 其学者
          • 该 质量和多样性 其美术
          • 它的 大范围 的体育活动

          188bet体育基督教高中 encourages learning that builds on 学生的天赋和才能. 该狄维士艺术中心和崇拜 报价 动手美术体验,台上台下幕后。我们还提供了许多 先进的安置类 以准备上大学的学生。

          Our unique daily schedule – similar to a college model, featuring classes which meet for up to 80 minutes three times a week  – gives students the time needed to delve deeply into a particular subject or topic.   This allows students the time they need to master academic skills 和 pursue elective courses for which they have a passion or about which they desire to learn more.

          我们希望学生展示 我们基督徒透视知识 因为他们面临的挑战是 做出决定,提出188bet体育题, 和 审视现实生活中的188bet体育题 通过 课程.

          我们也希望学生能 在他们学习的积极参与者, giving their best efforts toward using their God-given potential. 该 students at 188bet体育基督教高中 meet rigorous academic st和ards:

          • 类2019年参加的高校91%
          • 该 Class of 2019 average ACT composite score was 24.9.  This compares to the state average of 20.7. 
          • In 2019, 255 students took 633 Advancement Placement exams in 15 subject areas. 
          • 学生们 earned at least one score of three or higher on 79% of those exams.  This significantly exceeds state and global averages of 65% 和 61% respectively.


          Recently renovated classrooms support learning and nurture students’ academic and spiritual growth. Caring teachers utilize flexible space, educational materials, and technology to maximize learning in comfortable and safe environments designed with students in mind. Our state-of-the-art learning environment supports collaboration, hands-on experiential learning, 和 creative problem solving.


          Our students are taught by fully certified, highly trained teachers and administrators who engage in ongoing professional development to hone their skills and ensure best-in-class educational opportunities. More than 83% of 188bet体育平台 teachers have earned a master’s degree or beyond. 100% of our administrators have obtained their master’s degree 和 many have either earned or are working toward a doctoral degree.





          保持最新 - 高中新闻




          9日 - 12年级

          2300普利茅斯大道。 SE
          188bet体育,MI 49506


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